Sunday, 6 November 2016

Who's visiting today?

Hi all

Today we have the lovely Jean Lomas visiting the blog, and I am sure she won't mind me telling you she is one of my senior squirrels! Jean has embraced the Craft Artist software and uses it to great effect in her crafting, here's Jean to say a few words about her crafting journey so far!

I am Jean and retired after having a family I went back to work and ended up as a receptionist to a family run Sand & Gravel company.

I have always knitted and always keen to do a new craft. The last addiction was pottery and I loved painting plates etc. Many of the family would sit around the front room table on a Saturday afternoon working magic I called it as we never did know what the article would look like when we opened up the kiln after the firing.

I started making cards and joined a card group on face book and have even been known to write a verse for a card but this digi crafting began after a friend on face book sent me a Craft Artist Compact disc of the software and I had not a clue what to do with it so stuck it into the coffee cup holder and away we went. Honest I had not a clue how it worked and thought it’s not for me and it stayed like that for over two years until I switched onto a craft show on TV and it all became clearer with Michelle's demonstrations as she explained things.There I sat with a note book and pen and went back to it again and oh wow it was like a new world had begun! I lose hours pressing buttons and as an OAP with a brain like a pea all I can say is wow! wow! I am addicted and my cards are so much more personal when I make them and the joy I am getting now was all down to Michelle-Jackson-Mogford and good old Daisy Trail where I get my lovely kits.

And here is some of her lovely work

I love the vibrancy of the sunflowers that Jean has captured in these layouts using my Sunflowers and Stars digi kit, particularly in the vase of sunflowers top right with that yellow background ... it just makes me smile!

I love the scene that Jean has created with the Bizarre and Fantastic kit and the decorating of the tea set. Jean also uses the digi effects in the software to their full potential as you see here with the decoupage layers.

and this windswept scene created with the same kit has great depth to it and would make great wall art. 

La Senora Mexicana gets the Jean treatment here and I LOVE the one top right with the lotto cards, it looks so very Mexican!

And finally some lovely samples using the Lilies and Light digi kit, the effect and blend on the butterfly card is really lovely

And then, fitting for this time of year, I love these remembrance pages that Jean has created from the Lilies and Light kit.

Thanks to Jean for letting me share her work and thanks for popping by, more soon! Until then,
as ever,
Happy Crafting!


  1. Thank you for sharing Michelle wow they are all absolutely stunning thank you Jean xx

  2. Beautiful art work from a very talented lady. Thank you for sharing. xx

  3. Fab work Jean........I always loved watching Michelle on TV, great tutorials and inspiration, wish she would come back xx

  4. amazing work Jean you are a very talented lady. xx

  5. Wonderful and inspirational Jean, both you and your lovely creations xx