Thursday, 17 November 2016

Who's visiting today?

Hi all

I have another visitor to share some inspiration with you today, the lovely Sue Beasley has kindly let me show you some of the fab work she did with my kits.

I have known Sue via the wonders of cyber space for quite a while now and I absolutely love her out of the box thinking! She creates some fabulous digital creations, things that could only be done digitally and has a knack of creating things that you would never think of but make you go wow! I have also been honoured to share some of her work on Craft TV when I was demonstrating on there. If you can find her on social media check out her creative albums that she shares .... inspiration a plenty!

I asked Sue for a little intro and this is what she wrote;

I`m a hobby crafter - mainly digital & die cutting due to lack of space to play in or get messy in sadly! I love all types of photographs & all types of kits and enjoy looking for unusual ways to use them. I love making 3D cards, though I`m no expert.

I enjoyed MJM’s kits immensely as they were so different to `the norm` and I thought Linda Wallace’s 3D card tutorial that she shared on the blog was genius.

and here is some of her fabby work!

These projects are created with my Lilies and Light digi kit. The use of the digi stamp on the photo of the water lily is a great idea, I love the lilypad frame that Sue created top right with the embellies in the kit, the lily bursting out of the frame bottom left is fab and the garden layout is so pretty and I love the way Sue has used the music paper as a table changing the perspective of it.

2 very different looking projects created with my La Senora Mexicana digi kit. I love the very English feel Sue has on the top layout, Sue said the images reminded her of barge painting and then the bottom layout is a master piece of paper piecing and pattern making using one of the digi stamps in the kit ... brilliantly done!

The Sunflowers and Stars digi kit has been used to create these projects. More fabulous pattern creating and blending from Sue. I love the blend of the photo on that textured material top right and the use of the paint brush embellie to 'paint' the stars!

And finally creations from my Bizarre and Fantastic digi kit. A perfect photo with the embellies on this layout.

If you haven't seen the elements in my Bizarre and Fantastic kit, this teacup is a plain white embellishment! So much work has gone into decorating it with all the individual elements and Sue has cleverly made them look like they go round the cup too!! Just amazing!

And Sue's last layout made me squeal with delight when I saw it! Sue has a love for Greece and it shines through with this project with the embellies all being re coloured and the use of the trees on the hill, the detail is fabulous!
I hope you have enjoyed Sue's work and that it has given you some different ideas to help you think out of the box too! Her work certainly makes me realise that there is so much even I don't know about the Craft Artist software!
Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you at the weekend for another visitor with a fab tutorial too! Until then, as ever,
Happy Crafting!


  1. Beautiful Thank you both for sharing x

  2. Thank you Michelle, I thoughoughly enjoyed exploring & playing with your gorgeous kits & look forward to the next ones ! xx

  3. Some great inspiration from Sue using your beautiful kits

  4. Wonderful creations by Sue.....I love the teacup!....thank you, once again, ladies for sharing such inspirational work x