Friday, 18 November 2016

An inspiring tutorial with a weekend visitor

Hi all

I am so excited to share this weekends post with you all with a whole heap of inspiration from the lovely Anne Nelson.

I have been cyber friends with Anne since the very beginning back in the days of scrapbook artist! How far we have come to Craft Artist2 professional we know today! Anne has been a great support over the years and comes up with some amazing ideas so once I saw her work with my kits I had to ask her along to the blog to share with us all!

Over to Anne

Hello folks

My name is Anne (Crafty Anne, nannyanne) and I'm a craftaholic!
I love to dabble with all things arty crafty (and have done since about the age of 4 when granny taught me to sew) and every now and again some of the things I craft actually turn out ok so was absolutely thrilled when Michelle invited me to do a bit of guest blogging about the decoupage projects I have been working on.

Michelle and I 'met' when I was asked to do a 'phone in' to Create and Craft back in the days of Digital Scrapbook Artist....I was so nervous talking on the phone to a live TV show but it really was a fun thing to do and it has been a great joy to follow Michelle's crafty journey with Serif ever since.

Digital crafting is a huge part of my crafty life and I am a dedicated member of DaisyTrail where it all began for me really back in 2008. CraftArtist2 is a crafting tool that I use almost daily crafting is so quick, clean and convenient (anytime any place kind of craft) but I do love a bit of hybrid crafting too where you can really 'mix it up'.
Decoupaging is a craft that I have only played with briefly over the years and it recently cropped up again as a suggestion from one of my ladies at the weekly craft sessions that I run at my local library........I set about making some examples in readiness for a craft session which just happened to coincide with Michelle launching her wonderful digikits.
I had done a little bit of decoupaging using  paper napkins which had worked well but I wanted something more unique and remembered about how to print onto tissue paper using an inkjet printer ...... so I had a little play with some sheets of recycled tissue that I had loads of and it worked a treat;  you can see glimpses of some of my early examples in the background of some of my photos in the video.

When Michelle asked me if I would like to do a bit of guest blogging about my recent projects in the way of a tutorial I set about finding something else that I could 'upcycle' by decoupaging.
Sitting at my dressing table one morning I was looking at the pattern on the lamp thinking that the 'lily' was very much like the one I had seen in the 'Lilies and Light' digikit.......I then looked at the lampshade and there was my next decoupage project!
The tissue paper that I have printed onto for the lampshade and jars in the video was A4 size pieces that came in a pack of acetate that I had (it separated the sheets) which was white and quite worked well but was quite delicate to use. I would suggest that you try printing onto various kinds of tissue paper to see what works best for you, your printer and its inks.
One of my other passions is taking photos ......needless to say when preparing for the decoupaging tutorial I took lots of snaps along the way and a short video/slideshow seemed to be the best way to make use of them.......making slideshows is fun too!

A word of warning.....if you have never tried decoupaging before it can be highly addictive.....oh the perils of a craftaholic. x

and this is the fabulous project she is sharing with us

Created with my Lilies and Light digi kit

And here's the turorial

How amazing is that ... I LOVE it! Anne also created these

Glorious! created with my Sunflowers and Stars digi kit

Fabulous! Created with my Bizarre and Fantastic digi kit

and these


From Sunflowers and Stars

and this fab layout and story using La Senora Mexicana ..... I would have loved to have homework like this using the digi stamps in my kit! What a great page!
So what will you craft up this weekend? Thanks Anne for sharing with us and I hope you have all enjoyed the inspiration!
I'm off to pantoland this weekend .... that's a story for another post! So until I come back to share, as ever,
Happy Crafting!


  1. Superb ideas, they look wonderful. Well done Anne and Michelle x

    1. Thank you Celia...crafting and sharing like this is a joy! x

  2. Being part of Michelle's blog is such an honour...thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the 'experience'. xx

  3. Loved it, we are lucky to have you at the Library.


  4. Beautiful work, Anne, with Michelle's lovely artwork :)

  5. Beautiful work Anne and fabulous kits by Michelle.